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“Graeme Green has an eye for capturing cultures with a particular sensitivity. He gives a vibrant testimony of the world we live in.” (Steve McCurry) 

“Graeme Green’s skills pack a one-two punch for writing and photography. As a writer, he brings humour and compassion to his subjects; as a photographer, he brings them to life.” (Art Wolfe)

“Graeme Green photographs diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife with creativity and patience. His richly colourful images convey appreciation and respect for the enchanted, beautiful world we are fortunate to inhabit.” (Michael Kenna)

“Graeme Green is a rarity within the world of photography. Not only is he a talented intellectual writer, but he is also a very established and talented practitioner of the art of photography.” (Jimmy Nelson)

“Graeme Green brings a deep sensitivity to a combination of his photography and writing that come together brilliantly to bring much needed awareness to social and environmental issues worldwide.” (Phil Borges)

Graeme Green is a British photographer, journalist and travel writer.

For 15 years, he has been travelling the planet, from Cambodia to Mexico to Botswana, capturing remarkable images and reporting stories for international newspapers and magazines. His work has appeared in The Guardian, BBC, The Sunday Times, Forbes, The Sunday Telegraph, National Geographic, Wanderlust, USA Today, The Times, South China Morning Post, Digital Camera, Digital Photographer, Outdoor Photographer, New Internationalist and many more.

Graeme is also the founder of the New Big 5 project (www.newbig5.com), an international initiative to create a Big 5 of Wildlife Photography, rather than hunting. Shooting with a camera, not a gun.

The initiative is supported by +250 photographers, conservationists and wildlife lovers, including Dr Jane Goodall, Ami Vitale, Moby, Steve McCurry, Djimon Hounsou, Tim Laman, Bertie Gregory, Thomas D Mangelsen, Joanna Lumley, Marina Cano, Virginia McKenna, Steve Winter…, and organisations including Save The Elephants, WWF, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, International Fund for Animal Welfare, African Wildlife Foundation, Wildlife SOS, Orangutan Foundation, IUCN, Conservation International, Polar Bears International, HAkA, Defenders Of Wildlife and Greenpeace…

“What a great project the New Big 5 is. I wonder what the final choices will be? There are so many incredible animals in our world. Any project that brings attention to animals, so many of whom are threatened or endangered, is truly important.”
Dr Jane Goodall
The Jane Goodall Institute

The New Big 5 project is a celebration of wildlife and wildlife photography. But it has a serious message: the world’s wildlife is in crisis. The next 10 years are critical. More than a million species are currently at risk of extinction, from icons to ‘unsung heroes’ and little-known cats, frogs, birds, lizards and other species, each too valuable to lose.

It’s not too late yet. Change is possible.


During 15 years of travelling the world with a camera and a notepad, Graeme has spent time with Amazonian tribes, Tuareg nomads, Bhutanese monks, Namibia’s San bushmen, Venezuelan gauchos, street artists, authors, dissidents, scientists, boxers, musicians and tequila masters.

Along the way, he’s interviewed Angelina Jolie, Arcade Fire, Ricky Gervais, Sir David Attenborough, Robert Downey Jr, David Cameron, Courtney Love, Al Gore, Tinariwen, Richard Dawkins, James Brown and many more.

Graeme’s passion for wildlife photography has taken him around the world, from Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans to Antarctica, from Venezuela’s Los Llanos to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, and from the Highlands of Ethiopia to the frozen north of Japan. He has spent time photographing some of the most fascinating and colourful creatures on the planet, including mountain gorillas, lizards, lions, monkeys, eagles, elephants, bats, penguins and more. His photos help emphasize the need to protect the natural world, and he often reports from the frontline of conservation on endangered species and threats to the environment.

Adventure travel assignments have included paragliding with birds of prey in Nepal, cycling across Burma, freediving in Thailand, climbing volcanoes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, surviving on desert islands in Belize, wild camping in Antarctica and motorcycling across Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. He enjoys exploring remote regions, wild landscapes and the great outdoors.

“I like to explore places that are unfamiliar and unique. One of the greatest things about travel photography and writing is experiencing cultures and landscapes that are not only unlike your own, but unlike anything you’ve experienced anywhere else.” (Graeme Green)

Graeme’s work also encompasses global issues, including human trafficking, land rights, conflict, poaching, prostitution, child soldiers, violence against transgender communities, conservation, and street kids, often telling otherwise ‘invisible’ or unreported stories from remote parts of the world.

“Photos can open up the world to people. They tell stories, good and bad, and they can change the direction or even the outcome of those stories, whether that’s violence and human rights or wildlife conservation. Done in the right way, photography is a powerful force for good.” (Graeme Green)


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